Started our Pre-Engineered Building division in 2015, today we have created an exclusive niche for ourselves in the PEB industry with the excellent support of our well qualified and experienced team.

Pre-engineered buildings, compared to conventional steel buildings, offer numerous advantages especially when it comes to low rise buildings. In addition to the lower initial cost and faster delivery, you will only have to deal with one party, Advancetech, for the design and fabrication of your buildings.

Advancetech provides end-to-end PEB solutions from structural design to installation. We design fabricate and deliver world-class steel buildings on time and within budget. We define quality and committed to excellence. As a leading provider of Pre Fabricated metal buildings. We take pride in offering the best residential and commercial construction options in India.


PEB are steel structures built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof & wall sheeting connected to each other & various other building components. The building can be provided with skylight, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, roof monitors, doors & windows trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies, crane system, insulators etc., based on customers’ requirements. These buildings are custom designed to be lighter in weight & high in strength. It is also economical in cost, factory controlled quality, durability, longevity, flexibility in expansion, environment friendly, faster installation etc.